Fashion + FILM: The New Frontier

As technology progressively becomes more advanced, many creatives are turning to the newest mediums to showcase their art, more specifically film.

Most people in the fashion world believe that fashion should reflect the zeitgeist, the sign of the times.  As the rapidity of technology advances, so does fashion.  More artists are using technology and new forms of making art for fashion.

When one hears the phrase “fashion film,” one can not help but think of Nick Knight and  Nick Knight, arguably is at the forefront of the fashion film movement due to him being the creation and being the creative director of, a website dedicated to utilizing film and moving image as the main medium for fashion.

Black:2015, a fashion film by Nick Knight in collaboration with Alexander McQueen

The phrase “fashion film” can conjure up the idea of mainstream movies about fashion such as “The Devil Wears Prada,” “The September Issue,” and “Dior and I” more recently.  But the fashion film discussed in this article is about are films that are not documentaries.  They are an artistic expression through the use of digital media and fashion as the main vehicle of the film.

Only recently has it been that designers have turned to film as a valid art form to showcase not only their latest collections but also fashion campaigns.  There are commercial fashion films where the sole purpose of the film is to advertise the brand’s new line of clothing, and there are fashion films that are very experimental and have a more artistic and expressive inclination.  An example of this dichotomy is Kate Spade’s advertisement featuring Anna Kendrick and Quentin Jones’ Paint Test No. 1.

Since the idea of a fashion film is still very underground,most fashion films come from alternative and underground artists.  In contrast to the high fashion films such Balmain’s collaboration with H&M, alternative fashion films have a grit and rawness to them that capture the  newness of the introduction of fashion film as an art form in fashion.

Different designers hire different artists and creatives to make a fashion film with different mediums.  Animation and CGI are becoming prominent art forms being implemented into fashion films.

“Electric Jungle,” a fashion film by designer Kenzo

Another budding source of new and innovative fashion films is Dazed and Confused, a magazine that focuses on alternative up and coming artists and designers.  The films created are provocative and enticing, something one would not see on the runway but rather in an underground.


“In The Red” a fashion film by Ruth Hogben in collaboration with Dazed

Fashion has a long way to go until it fully embraces film as a true art form.

Famous films

A famous fashion film that paved the way for more fashion films.  Alexander McQueen’s hologram video of Kate Moss for his Autumn/Winter 2006 show changed the frontier of the fashion world.  No one until then has seen technology, especially a hologram, be a part of a fashion show.

The Future of Fashion Film

So where will the future of fashion film go?  Gifs, video, animation, architecture and more different mediums can change the landscape of how artists create art and fashion and how viewers receive this new wave of art form in fashion.

It will bring together different spheres of audiences, the art world, the fashion world, and the digital world.


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